onsdag 9. april 2008


Witch Quest (working title) Production Diary

This blog has been created in order to keep anyone that might be interested up to date on the progress of my AGS-based adventure game Witch Quest.

The production of this game is purely a hobby. If it starts resembling work, or takes on any other life-destroying characteristics, production will be discontinued. At the moment I'm doing everything myself, that is I design, draw and animate all of the sprites, I draw all of the backgrounds, I write all the music and I (will) do all of the scripting. The latter part is something that I'd like to outsource at some point in the future, since it is not, nor is it likely to become, my area of expertice. Fortunately, the AGS community is full of talented and helpful people, some of which might be interested in contacting me. That remains to be seen, however, and depends on how much I will be able to do on my own.

My progress so far:
-The graphic style and overall idea of the game is pretty much in place.
-The storyline has an overall idea, but only the first part exists in any significant detail.
-Puzzles are integral to the story, I believe. Hence, I have only developed puzzles for the first part of the game, and even those are only 50% finished.
-The first part of the game will contain about 20 rooms (including a map screen).
-Seven rooms are thumbnail sketches,
-Two rooms are finished drawings (pencil on paper).
-One room has been scanned and coloured with Photoshop.
-The remainder exist in my head only.
-The main sprite has been designed and one walk cycle (left) has been animated. When this is perfected I will make the other three (eight are too much work) + talking and other animations.
-Other characters are developed but have not yet been designed to perfection. Or "perfection".

Pictures will be posted shortly.

I will not give away much of the storyline to anyone not involved in the project. I don't want to publish the background story for the game, since I intend the game to start in medias res, with the background becoming apparent as the game progresses. It's nothing revolutionary, though.

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